Information Display System, blessing in disguise?

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It was a unique experience when I visited our Passport Seva Kendra for renewal of my passport. As like every one of us generally feels bit odd going to a government office for getting a work done, I also had a similar mindset. And that is because already I had some bad experiences in government offices.

However, the moment I entered the Passport office premises, I felt as if I have entered a standard software company with an attractive infrastructure in the heart of Silicon Valley of India. Though there was no dearth of applicants allotted on the day of my appointment, one could easily notice that, the process started in a very well disciplined manner with adequate guidance from the staff members.

One thing that struck my mind is that, even after having so many applicants, how is it that there was no big hue and cry. You won’t believe every process was happening automatically in a sequential and orderly manner without any hindrances.

One thing we cannot ignore that the officials were very cooperative, but still it is not so easy to control such a huge crowd in a limited space with a limited staff & well defined time.

For my surprise, I noticed a very interesting device that actually was playing a vital role in crowd management and it impressed me a lot. Can u guess it?

It was nothing but the Display Systems in the form of TV sets. These TVs were just displaying the unique id no. that was assigned to the applicants at the time of registration. The numbers were being displayed and flashed few times for the customer to take notice of the change indicating the applicants where to proceed next as a part of the workflow. So everyone was eagerly & attentively looking at the TV screens to see if their application number is getting displayed so as to proceed for the next step. The display screens were positioned so well and synchronized to each other in such a way that everyone could see properly with the latest updates after completion of each process on an individual basis. Obviously with such a well-oiled system in place, there was not any any chaos or mismanagement.

It is true that almost half day has gone to get the entire process done but still it was a good experience, as there was no unnecessary wastage of the applicant’s time, no confusion, and not much of the regular crazy unwanted scenes in the hall.

This made me realize the power of an effective information display system which can be very helpful in managing big crowds in public place like railway stations, airports, hospitals etc. This could be all the important in case of hospitals where not only crowd has to be managed effectively, but a good amount silence also has to be maintained in the premises.

The above scenario is more suitable for a dynamic kind of information display and these could be even be used for service/product promotions etc.,

Today Bangalore based decade old Spigot Software has been an efficient solution provider several products in healthcare & HR space, has a very efficient Information Display Software/System that can be used in various scenarios described above. The software product facilitates its clients with a variety of display options that the customer may be looking for. The best part of this solution Spigot Software provides to any customer is that they provide specific customer related customizations, even though they are a product oriented company.  In other words Spigot Software always takes a customer centric approach and help them to translate their vision into reality.


The writer is a Marketing Evangelist@Spigot Software

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