What are the benefits of Staff Augmentation and contract staffing?

A big responsibility has been thrust on me. The management has given me a free hand to take all decisions with an assurance that no one will ever question or interfere in my decisions. As HR Manager, I was given full freedom to recruit, appoint, utilize or even fire employees to complete the project within the next four weeks. For me, it was the first major challenge in my career as HR Manager. The trust reposed by my employers has imposed a burden on me to perform. In a sense, it was perform or perish for me.
The scenario is like this. Our company a couple of days back received a mighty order from a reputed US retail chain, to be completed in four weeks. One thing was certain. The task cannot be completed in-house even if our entire artillery was put on the job for a month. As HR Manager, the management entrusted me with the responsibility of finding the right personnel for timely completion of the project. Two days have already elapsed and I was still grappling for a solution, when a friend told me about Spigot software I immediately contacted Spigot and informed about my predicament. They spoke reassuringly and informed me that our staff requirements will be met within the shortest possible time.
The people at Spigot software have a great track record of placing the right people on the right task. Their sourcing and selection process ensures that clients get the highest quality staff with the requisite talent. Spigot’s foray into HR and consulting services was based on the demand for people based services from clients. Their solutions are always ‘bespoke’ in nature truly reflective of a customer-centric organization. Corporate customers engaged in IT, ITES and non-IT services and running against time for completion of projects can count on Spigot for their staff augmentation requirements.
Spigot’s staffing and consulting service has been a boon for industries across the spectrum. Timely service, relentless pursuit and efficient services are the hallmark of Spigot’s solutions. The industry scenario these days is such that there are huge fluctuations in demand and more often than not, companies have to resort to outsourcing. Most companies tend to maintain around 85% staff strength based on peak demand and the remaining 15% is outsourced from service providers such as Spigot, who have the ability to provide quality personnel with the right skills in quick time. One of the major benefits of outsourcing through Spigot is cost saving. The people hired through Spigot require no special training as Spigot ensures industry-skill match.
Staff augmentation services remain one of the core competencies at Spigot software With more than a decade of experience and timely solutions to showcase, Spigot has nothing left to prove; still they yearn for success in client projects as if it was their own.
Companies resort to outsourcing only when the situation is tough and time on hand, short. Every such project constrained by the time and skill factor, gives sleepless nights to the management. The significance of a reliable outsourcing partner is therefore apparent. With spigot software around, one need not lose sleep. Count on Spigot – Your Trusted Partner to be – For years to come.


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