What are the benefits of Staff Augmentation and contract staffing?

A big responsibility has been thrust on me. The management has given me a free hand to take all decisions with an assurance that no one will ever question or interfere in my decisions. As HR Manager, I was given full freedom to recruit, appoint, utilize or even fire employees to complete the project within the next four weeks. For me, it was the first major challenge in my career as HR Manager. The trust reposed by my employers has imposed a burden on me to perform. In a sense, it was perform or perish for me.
The scenario is like this. Our company a couple of days back received a mighty order from a reputed US retail chain, to be completed in four weeks. One thing was certain. The task cannot be completed in-house even if our entire artillery was put on the job for a month. As HR Manager, the management entrusted me with the responsibility of finding the right personnel for timely completion of the project. Two days have already elapsed and I was still grappling for a solution, when a friend told me about Spigot software I immediately contacted Spigot and informed about my predicament. They spoke reassuringly and informed me that our staff requirements will be met within the shortest possible time.
The people at Spigot software have a great track record of placing the right people on the right task. Their sourcing and selection process ensures that clients get the highest quality staff with the requisite talent. Spigot’s foray into HR and consulting services was based on the demand for people based services from clients. Their solutions are always ‘bespoke’ in nature truly reflective of a customer-centric organization. Corporate customers engaged in IT, ITES and non-IT services and running against time for completion of projects can count on Spigot for their staff augmentation requirements.
Spigot’s staffing and consulting service has been a boon for industries across the spectrum. Timely service, relentless pursuit and efficient services are the hallmark of Spigot’s solutions. The industry scenario these days is such that there are huge fluctuations in demand and more often than not, companies have to resort to outsourcing. Most companies tend to maintain around 85% staff strength based on peak demand and the remaining 15% is outsourced from service providers such as Spigot, who have the ability to provide quality personnel with the right skills in quick time. One of the major benefits of outsourcing through Spigot is cost saving. The people hired through Spigot require no special training as Spigot ensures industry-skill match.
Staff augmentation services remain one of the core competencies at Spigot software With more than a decade of experience and timely solutions to showcase, Spigot has nothing left to prove; still they yearn for success in client projects as if it was their own.
Companies resort to outsourcing only when the situation is tough and time on hand, short. Every such project constrained by the time and skill factor, gives sleepless nights to the management. The significance of a reliable outsourcing partner is therefore apparent. With spigot software around, one need not lose sleep. Count on Spigot – Your Trusted Partner to be – For years to come.


Contract Staffing & Hiring for Spigotsoft

The mood was somber. Wearing a jaded look, I was walking along the corridors of IT Park. I had come to collect my dues from my previous employer, from where I was fired about a couple of weeks ago. Thankless world. I was one of the pillars of the company since its inception about a decade ago. With my abundant English skills, I ventured into website development and slowly mastered the art of Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and writing content for the web world. The importance of writing optimized content for website was not of prominence then. With my effort and regular content, I was soon able to get First page ranking for my company website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
The company sales and profits propelled along with their reputation as one of India’s leading software development companies inviting orders even from across continents. Everything changed within a short span. The company caught the attention of one of India’s major conglomerate, who wanted to venture into the IT domain and started acquiring some of the major software companies. Thus our hard earned popularity became our bane. Our company management had no other go as they could not handle the pressure meted out from the corridors of the Government. The company under new management wanted to have an entirely fresh team as they felt it unnecessary to pay fat salaries to experienced personnel. Everyone who knew the job market in IT domain would have known that job hopping is seen as the Mantra for success. Loyalty and sticking to one organization are often considered insane.
Already in the mid-40s, I was not sure about finding a job elsewhere in tune with my age, experience and Forte. Most companies these days ask for either a Master Degree in English or some specific course on Technical Writing, Optimization techniques etc. for my post. Being a Commerce graduate, I may not even be eligible to apply for similar positions in the first place.
Overwhelmed by thoughts, I suddenly felt pain on my head. It took some time for me to realize that I had hurt myself after hitting against a person. Since it was my mistake, I apologetically looked at the person, who called my name in an exclamatory tone. He was my old pal whom I had not seen since school days. Though he was good at other subjects, for some reason, he had an aversion towards English. I tried my best to clear his doubts in English, but still he just managed to scrape through in the School Finals.
After mutual enquiries and spending some time at the coffee shop, he enquired about my job. I told him the recent happenings and the hapless situation that I am in. Immediately he flaunted his visiting card that read as HR Consultant, Spigotsoft. He said, the company management at Spigot software has intuitive methods of staff acquisition and their HR policies are simple, unconventional and straight-forward.
The people at Spigot have a strong understanding of different industries, a diverse team and domain experience. “With services ranging from IT, Consulting and HR, we keep in mind the trust our clients have imposed on us and are motivated to do better. Our HR services are oriented towards providing optimized staffing solutions to clients based on their need, timeliness, skill or project requirement”, he continued.
The demand for people-based services such as Consulting and HR Services is always growing. Spigot’s HR Services increase efficiency and productivity of organizations by providing timely and accurate staffing solutions to all clients.
Companies often resort to contract hiring to augment their manpower in times of need. But why should they indulge in contract hiring or temporary staffing? Companies may face seasonal spurt in demand that may require additional staffing for a short term period. Such a situation is managed by augmenting their artillery of personnel. Staff augmentation is the primary source of acquiring skilled manpower on either time bound or project bound basis.
Contract staffing is another method of recruiting and hiring workers for specific periods of time. Contract staffing offers such unique benefits such as cost savings, better quality of staff and flexibility. It is an efficient way of getting things done, without putting undue burden on the staff count. Moreover, contract staffing is easily acquired. The advantage of hiring contract staff stems from the fact that they are task oriented and focused and easily adapt to the circumstances.
Lateral hiring is referred to as the talent search within the organization or through employee referrals from companies indulging in similar business or product. Explaining Spigot’s HR policies thus, my friend suggested me to meet him at his office complex the next day, so that he could keep his CEO informed about my visit. He assured that he can recommend my name to the HR team for Lateral hiring for a position that he felt, I am fully competent to undertake.