Never Thought Getting ill can be a Pleasant Experience

pleasent experience

It was a completely unexpected event as I had been a victim of this chicken pox in my childhood and most of us believe that it only happens once in a lifetime. Doctors are also witnessing more and more patients who became victim more than once which actually clears the smog of misconception what we are having from a long time.  But my recovery was quite fast compared to the typical or usual time needed. The credit obviously goes to my family, the way they have taken care but also cannot deny the role of the doctors whose suggestions were quite useful. Though they made me to do a lot of tests like Blood test (CBC), Dengue test etc., however, nothing surprising came out in reports as everything was normal. Now I would like to share few things about the service provider, which I experienced as a patient. I hope you understand that service provider is no one else than hospital authority itself.

I chose a prominent well liked hospital of the city. Though my expectation was not much positive as for me all hospitals are more or less like the same, but, the service that I got has changed my perception forever. Actually hospital has not much role to play in fighting with chicken pox as it is more a kind of medication process but still their involvement cannot be ignored. The day I stepped into the hospital for consultation and doing tests, I was just praying that the processes may get complete within the same day instead of spending another day in hospital. But I was astonished to see that all the consultations and tests got over by afternoon itself along with the test reports in my hand, this in spite of having so many patients in queue. I observed that the receptionist was using a system which was assisting her a lot. She was quite cool and calm and was guiding each and every patient accurately, addressing all their queries without any feeling of burden & discomfort. Hardly any patient had to be there in the hospital for more than 2 hours, especially, for those who came for consultation and tests only. One more interesting thing I noticed is that, since it was my first visit, I had to register with all my details at the front office and once I was done with my registration process they provided me a system generated Unique ID no.  They told with this ID no. they can track all my past records, transactions, bills, reports and almost every clinical data at any point of time. And in future my any activity related to hospital will be tracked with the same ID no. and this really helps the doctor to do the diagnosis in a much better way, as he can access all previous records and reports in a single click. This impressed me a lot and gave me a confidence after getting scared to see myself in mirror as my whole body was covered with reddish pimples.

Hey , one interesting thing to share with all of you.  I started getting alerts in my mobile on behalf of my hospital. You must be thinking these are general alerts which everyone gets after visiting or registering in a hospital. You won’t believe these alerts were reminding me to take the specific medicines as per the time schedule given by my doctor. It was notifying me regarding my next appointments with exact date and time. Not only that it was also acting as a dietician suggesting the suitable diet on regular basis and giving timely reminder when to take what. These all were system generated alerts but it was more or less behaving like my mom. Can a man-made system be so caring that you never feel alone even in case there is no one with you?  It’s true that I am a bit negligent about taking care of myself but the system made me to take things seriously and not casually when it comes to get cured.

On the first day itself I bought the set of medicines prescribed by the doctor from the hospital pharmacy which was enough for 2-3 days. After 3 days the doctor suggested me over phone to continue with the given set of medicines for another 7 days. I was just thinking to whom I will say to bring my medicines as I was not in a condition to go out. In the mean while I thought of checking with the hospital pharmacist about the availability of the stock before sending anyone. The moment I called him he just asked me my Unique Id no. issued by the hospital and then he checked my details in his system and got to know the last set of medicines taken by me. He checked the stock availability along with its expiry within a fraction of second using his system. I felt it must be some sort of Pharmacy Management System that has encouraged the pharmacist to provide some extra service like home delivery. He then asked me if I need the same set of medicines and confirmed my address for home delivery and by another 1 hour the medicines were at my doorstep. I was just overwhelmed by their smart work and the kind of service they were providing. One thing I understood that they are having a robust system that is playing a pivot role in their entire hospital administration.

So finally I enquired the receptionist to find out the reason behind such an integrated & synchronized system with such an active, fast & energetic working manpower. She told that recently they have installed a Hospital Management Software with multiple modules in it. She also gave me an overview of the scenario prevailing there before the solution was introduced and it seemed to me very messy and crumbled as per the explanation giver by her. This software changed their entire working style as it was package of no. of solutions like Front office management, billing management, Inventory management, Blood Bank management, Pharmacy management, Ambulance Management, and lot more.

So this was an experience that taught me a lot of things and changed my perception towards hospitals and clinics. We cannot brush every hospital with the same paint and with the changing market dynamics the healthcare industry is molding itself with the latest trends gaining competitive edge. Every time I use to curse myself for getting ill but for the first time I felt my illness might have caused some frustration for few days but gave me a very pleasant experience especially with a hospital that I never imagined.

Spigot Software is one such technology player which is continuously catering to the technological needs of these hospitals as they understand their challenges and pain areas and helps them translate their vision of providing a cost effective premium service into reality. Spigot Software boasts of an expanding portfolio of software products that includes but not limited to a full-fledged Hospital Management System, Pharmacy Management System, Blood Bank Management System, E-prescription/EMR, and many more.


The writer is a Marketing Evangelist@Spigot Software 

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