ASHWA by Spigot – One of a kind HMS

The healthcare industry is booming. With advancements in the medical field bringing hope and saving lives in millions, it can be envisaged that the future of healthcare industry is nothing but bright.

With innovations in the medical field, the hospitals are also bracing themselves with new technologies. There is an imperative need to ease out managing hospitals and on functioning of all its arms in tandem. With technical advancements in the hospital management systems (HMS) taking a huge stride, the overall running of the hospital, in general, is becoming more transparent and user-friendly.

However, choosing an easy to use end-to-end hospital information management system for healthcare is not an easy task. The HMS must be reliable, robust and scalable. Moreover, it has to be user-friendly.

Spigot Software is a leading solutions provider for the Healthcare sector with an enviable track record of serving many satisfied customers that include hospitals, nursing homes, polyclinics and private practitioners.  Spigot Software’s HMS is based on latest technologies, is web-based and user-friendly.

ASHWA, Spigot’s star product is loaded with the latest technical capabilities which is designed for seamless use at multiple branches and multiple locations. This provides flexibility at the organizational level.

ASHWA has been designed with highly scalable architecture that is based on Microsoft technologies. It is completely browser based, well-defined and secure with three level architecture. Being web based gives it the added advantage to integrate with other third-party software and applications.

ASHWA comes in three variants: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise, which have features like Front Office, Nursing, Billing, MIS Reports, Administration, Patient Communication, Laboratory Information System and many more. The features are well integrated and are highly scalable. Moreover, the higher variants of ASHWA i.e. Advanced and Enterprise have additional features like Pharmacy, Inventory, Electronic Medical Records, Image Audio Video Archiver, Blood Bank Management and so on.

With a robust HIS like ASHWA in place, the medical organisation is bound to benefit immensely and poised to become a very dynamic and agile organization. With the best state-of-art Hospital Management System, there is huge scope for a faster return on investment.


Journey of Spigot – 10 Years

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu

Every organization, every set up is nothing but a dream, a vision. And to make this happen you need a visionary. We have heard and read many stories success stories that started out as humble beginnings and ended up being game changers.

Spigot had its inception in 2006 when its founder Mr. SrinathBettadpur envisioned a Software Development Company in Bangalore that would deliver high-quality, timely solutions to customers to make their process and business more efficient. Being a technocrat himself, having rich experience of 28 years in the software industry as well as management, Spigot was ensured that its foundation was robust.

Over the years, Spigot has grown into a strong company having made a niche for itself in this competing world. Mr. Srinath inculcated pursuing perfection as a way of life here.

Speaking of Spigot’s USP, it is the customizations and eye for detailing. Spigot provides its customers the privileged option of customizing their products/applications that have worked to the advantage of Spigot’s clientele. By providing tailor-made software solutions, Spigot has many highly satisfied clients to its acclaim.

Spigot provides solutions across three verticals namely: Bespoke Software Development, HR Services, and Software Product Development.

Spigot offers solutions for various software development services and is software as well as domain agnostic. In product development, it specializes in Healthcare, Pharmacy with a suite of products in Hospital Management System (HMS), their star product being ASHWA and RAJAHAMSA.

HR Services is another arm of Spigot being ably managed Ms. MangalaSrinath (co-founder) who has 13 years of rich experience in the HR industry. Spigot is both into lateral hiring and contract staffing. Spigot has proven its worth time and again in critical skill hiring. They have to their credit of closing in tough positions at a fast rate and moreover at competitive rates.

Spigot has stood true to its name of customizing solutions as per the need of its customers. Also, when it has able and diligent people at its helm, the sky is the limit.

Spigots BespokeSoftware Development Solutions

The growth in business today is affected by various factors. There’s stiff competition to scale margins of profit. Despite a strict vigilance on every aspect of the organisation, there’s a tendency to incur failure or losses. Technology is racing ahead of time with constant innovations. Spigot knows to catch up with time and adopt the technology in its software applications. It understands your company’s needs and develops software that is flexible and adaptable.


Every business today is supported by software that has made it run smoothly. Spigot guides you towards the world where technology is playing a pivotal role in understanding business strategies. It is a renowned, and a trusted Software Development Company in Bangalorewhose products are efficient and economical. They are the thought leaders and capture every detail of your requirements in its products.

Also, Spigot prides itself on being technology, domain and vendor agnostic. It is supported by an experienced team of professionals who use cutting edge technology that is web based, non-web based, mobile and cloud-based technologies which suits your company’s needs and requirements, core concern and attributes. They are a pioneer in providing advanced quality process, relevant software engineering models, and standard project management techniques and advanced reporting which is why they are preferred over others.

Spigot has carved a niche for itself in the world of software industry providing its services in India and abroad. A large number of clients from Healthcare, IT, Engineering, Logistics and Pharma, have benefitted from Spigot. Also, it provides HR solutions that include lateral hiring and contract staffing. Spigot’s domain expertise, vendor-clientele relation, cost effective software has made it a preferred partner. And Spigot is known for its products for its high quality, creativity and technology standards.