Key 4 situations that irritates your patients like anything

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Every one of us would have been a patient at least once in our lifetime. Just joking… I know it cannot be “once”. This is a moment when we need someone who can feel our problem and can bring us out from that as soon as possible. We actually become a baby who needs a mother to take care and understand our situation and needs. Sometimes we even loose our patience and start behaving like a stubborn child. This is not our fault in real sense, the situation becomes such that such things are bound to happen like that.  Moreover if the patient & their relatives face some unwanted situations because of some kind mismanagement from the hospital authority, then, things actually go terribly wrong. That is the reason any patient thinks multiple times before approaching or getting treated/admitted into a hospital.  The patient usually has few parameters for the selection of a hospital available at his/her disposal.  Mainly Diagnosis & Quality of treatment at the top, a well-managed hospital administration, sufficient infrastructure, staff friendliness to name a few other important parameters will be evaluated by the patient.

Here I would discuss few facts that actually disturb a patient after going through a treatment session in a hospital or clinic.

Long Waiting Time

This is a real irritating moment for any patient. This also creates a kind of frustration and sometimes we even loose our temper. Long queues can be justified if a patient goes without appointment. However, even after taking appointment, if we need to wait too long, then, anybody will lose patience.  Nobody denies the fact that in our nation patients are comparatively much more than the number of doctors we have, but, still with some basic management tactics, we can very well manage this sort of challenges. And this organizational skill can be enhanced further with the support of Information technology. For e.g a Front office Management System where front office activities like scheduling appointments, patients’ registration etc. can make the workflows faster and smoother. This will drastically reduce the patient’s waiting time and also unnecessary crowding within the hospital premises.

Payment Processing

This is another sensitive matter which if not managed systematically & transparently can invite unwanted quarrels and unpleasant scenarios in the hospital premises.  This is the time when patients or patient’s near and dear ones are in a mindset of arranging funds as much as demanded from the hospital authority towards the treatment and where there is no scope for any negotiation. So in such a sensitive environment, if some indiscipline or anomaly happens with the process, then, it can really frustrate or irritate the patient & the ones who are close to him. So it is better to deploy a system dedicated for this purpose rather than following a manual process. Here also IT can play a very smart & vital role in making things smooth and faster as like a billing system generate outstanding or paid bills without any delay. This becomes more important when a patient has paid good amount in advance for the treatment and is caught unawares at the time of final bill. Therefore, again an IT system that provides facilities for generating provisional bill on the fly, these kinds of situations at the end can be completely avoided, and definitely the patient would be better communicated with complete transparency.

Facility Mismanagement

This is another heavyweight service management that can be quite challenging in terms of fulfilling patient satisfaction to the utmost.  A slight negligence can create a complete ugly impression for the entire hospital organization. This comprises of the basic activities like laundry management, ward management and dietary management. So from the words itself we can make an idea about the activities. As like changing the beds, cleaning the rooms, managing the house keeping team, allocating the needed wards as per availability, making sure that the wards are ready to occupy, supplying diet based food that suits the patient and so on. So these are quite serious tasks that just need to be managed effectively or else it can make your patients furious & helpless.

Similarly as discussed above IT has a major role to play here also. HOW?  The above mentioned tasks can be very well accomplished without delay and without any mismanagement using the readymade modules available in market like the Laundry Management system, Ward Management system etc.

Stock Deficient Pharmacies

For any patient admitted in a hospital the first preferred choice for buying medicines is the hospital pharmacy as they are quite easily accessible within the premises. So the patient will never think of going out which in turn gives an opportunity for the hospital authority to make additional revenue. However, sometimes these opportunities are lost just because of inappropriate management. That results in unavailability of necessary drugs, more and more expiring drugs, malpractices or unethical activities by pharmacies, because of improper monitoring etc. This finally creates a blurred image of the hospital administration in the eyes of the patient. So an efficient Pharmacy Management Software would overcome all these issues and hospitals can definitely can make the administration more efficient and smart to avoid such unwanted situations.

Spigot Software a well-established decade old IT solutions provider that has been catering to the IT requirements of healthcare industry can be a right choice to address the above challenges. They have a highly experienced management and a team of dedicated professionals and are located in the IT city of Bangalore. Spigot Software’s product portfolio includes but not limited to an end to end Hospital Management System, Pharmacy Management System, Blood Bank Management & Laundry Management System.

There can be lot more challenges or concerns that can be the cause for patient’s dissatisfaction but I tried to point out the ones which I as a patient will be more concerned about. And when each of us experience such situations, then, only we realize or feel the pain or cause of a patient’s dissatisfaction. And for every such challenge there is a solution available somewhere, only thing is how much we are aware and adaptable or open for that. This also reflects our mindset whether we restrict ourselves to our traditional process or can become bit smarter to bring a smile on to our patients. Let us embrace newer technology and help in handling transparency & accuracy of information in a great way.



The writer is Marketing Evangelist @Spigot Software

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