Spigot’s HRM System – Reliable| Sturdy | Process Driven

The Human Resource Development of an organization works in a process towards achieving the best candidate through recruitment process. The HR staff handles many of the matters pertaining to the employees of a company; they also work closely with the management team to help develop long term strategies for the growth of a company.

The Human Resource handles a wide range of issues from staff to management including advertising job vacancies, reviewing applications, performance appraisal and rewarding, arranging interviews and recruiting candidates. They also implement and evaluate policies governing labour relations.

The Human Resource is in charge of planning, organizing and directing the operations of the entire Organization. It helps to widen the employee performance. Human resources are the most essential part of an organization as it covers the areas from strategic planning to maintain the company’s image.

The Human Resource Management System of Spigot is the most effective management system, as it looks into all the features of employment. The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) looks into the modules like recruitment and hiring, leave & attendance, policies, appraisals, finance & payroll and more.

Spigot software is a leading software development company which has broadened its horizons to be a world class innovator. This company deals with software development products, custom software application development, staffing and consulting services.

This software development company creates products like developing software solutions products for education, HR and healthcare services include customized software development, staffing services that include both Resource Augmentation as well as once-off hiring and consulting services like project management, business process re-engineering, quality, etc.

Spigot offers product services for various industries which include Insurance, Engineering and Logistic. The other services that are included are requirements collection, project planning, architecture and designing, coding, testing and deployment phases. The software company provides web based and non-web based solutions and they have gained achievement in the fields of hospital information system, pharmacy and HR management solutions.

The aim and objective of Spigot, the leading software company is to provide Quality software solutions that help the organizations across the world to increase their efficiency in various business processes.


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