Enabling seamless Blood Bank Management System-Spigot

With all the uncertainty of life and a progressive number of incidents demanding for blood frequently, obtaining the right group of blood on time can be a herculean task. Like any other business, even blood banks are in dire need of a management system to carefully manage their inventories. A vital liquid always requires a vital product for its management.

Blood transfusion service is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide.  In India, it is not usually referred as a business. But in reality, it is a production industry with all the components of business thronged into it. Many a time, we do not clarify to the donor at the time of donation that there is service charge for blood units. As a result, when the donor needs blood, it comes as a rude shock to him and there are allegations by him of the ‘sale’ of blood. Service charges are part of each and every business and we fail to accept this because blood is a lifesaving liquid.

To overtake many such problems and misunderstandings, Spigot Software has come out with exceptional software, the Spigot Blood Bank Management System, where one can manage the blood including its inventories and administration. All the management issues can be tackled easily through your personal computer.

The software enables a clear description from Donor Registrations either from Camps or Voluntary Blood Donations, Blood Cross Matching or Blood Screening. Spigot’s customized software solutions also provide Blood Component details capture, Blood Stock Updates, Donor Emergency Contacts, Blood Discard Alerts and Maintenance and Methodical Inventory Management. Effective Blood Bank Management authorizes efficacious utilization of the blood. This software also avoids wastage of blood and alerts the acute shortage of blood.

At Spigot Software we aim at delivering a high quality software product to the businesses in order to make the work more efficient and smooth sailing.


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